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Artisan food tours

— My morning food tour starts near an historic covered market in the vicinity of Bastille. We tour it and visit the lively open-air market that accompanies it. Then on to an organic bakery with a rare wood fired oven, an enticingly pungent cheese shop, a tiny Portuguese bottega with goods from its Algarve region, an olive oil-spice boutique, a real "mom 'n pop" dried-goods shop. An Algerian pastry shop, a "sweet" chocolate shop with an array of master chocolatiers' bonbons

Along the way there's a a tiny ravioli factory, a neighborhood garden to peek at, a natural wine bar and store. Not to forget all the history of the area, which I will weave into the tastes and colors, rhythms and scents of our promenade. There'll be nibbles, tastings, and info a' plenty! You'll receive an itinerary map and a list of the addresses we visited by email.

— My afternoon food tour starts up the road a bit at a tiny "all-things-Sicilian" artisan food boutique before we leading us back to the shops and covered marketplace mentioned above [minus the open-air market, which is closed in the afternoon]

— If you'd like to add a natural wine tasting to your tour, I'll take you to a cozy natural wine boutique just down the road, lined with a rich array of the finest French vin naturel

Please contact me for further information and bookings

private morning
food tour

Tuesday thru Friday
10am - 1pm

— 160 € for a party of 1
— 100 € per person
for parties of 2 to 6

private afternoon
food tour

Tuesday thru Friday
2:30 - 5:30pm

— 160 € for a party of 1
— 100 € per person
for parties of 2 to 6

private food tour
+ natural wine tasting

Tuesday thru Friday
9am - 1pm
2:30 - 6:30pm

— 265 € for a party of 1
— 170 € per person
for parties of 2 to 6

living organic
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