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Artisan food tours
— The morning "back-street" artisan food tour starts near an historic covered market in the vicinity of Bastille. We'll visit the lively outdoor marché that accompanies it, a "sweet" chocolate shop, an enticingly pungent cheese shop piled high with delectable cheeses, a tiny Portuguese bottega, an olive oil-spice boutique, and a real mom & pop “specialty" shop.

— The afternoon tour starts up the road a bit at a tiny "all-things-Sicilian" artisan food boutique before heading back to the artisan shops mentioned above (minus the outdoor market, which is closed in the afternoon)

There'll be tastings and info a' plenty! You'll receive an itinerary map and list of addresses we visited by email.

— If you'd like to add a natural wine tasting to your tour, I'll take you to a cozy natural wine boutique just down the road, lined with a rich array of the finest French vin nature.

Please contact me for further information and bookings.

private food tour

Tuesday thru Friday
10am - 1pm and 2:30 - 5:30pm

— 160 euros for an individual
— 100 euros per person, for parties of up to 6

private food tour with natural wine tasting

Tuesday thru Friday
9am - 1pm and 2:30 - 6:30pm

— 260 euros for an individual
— 165 euros per person, for parties of up to 6

If you are new to Paris and wanting to “live organically” in the city, or have recently decided to cook and eat “more organically” and are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of locating and connecting all the dots, I'd be delighted to orient you as to “where and how to live organic” in Paris.

I'll walk you through the labyrinth of certifications (both official and private), the different protected status labels, how to recognize committed brands and producers, familiarize you with "all-things" seasonal, how to “pick” the freshest and sweetest fruits and vegetables, introduce you to the various natural food stores, specialty boutiques, bakeries, cheese shops, natural wine shops, restaurants offering quality organic and artisan fare.

I can help you get connected with the many organizations, websites and blogs committed to promoting sustainable practices, point you to the marketplaces with good local producers, elucidate marketplace “protocol,” advise you on cooking with whole foods and organizing your kitchen and time to do just that. And I'll furnish you with a wealth of addresses and information that will turn what might seem like a daunting endeavor into a pleasurable experience.

Please email me for further information and bookings.

1-day private shopping tour with lunch

Tuesday thru Saturday : 10am - 5pm
— 350 euros per person, maximum 4 people

2-day private shopping tour with lunch

Tuesday thru Saturday : 10am - 5pm
— 600 euros per person, maximum 4 people

1-day shopping tour with 2-hour cooking class

Tuesday thru Saturday : 10am - 6pm
— 450 euros per person, maximum 4 people