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NAtural wine tastings
Discover the wonderful and surprising French vin naturel (natural wine) during a wine tasting in a cozy natural wine boutique near Bastille, lined with a rich array of the best of French vins naturels, where I'll choose a couple bottles each of white and red natural wines from various wine regions and terroirs in France and have the exuberant shop owner pop them open for us.

From my satchel, I'll pull out some great artisan bread, mouth melting cheese, and an array of my famed home-made nibbles, full of seasonal vegetables… and at once give you an abreviated course on natural wine making, introduce you to the amazing and surprising alchemy the winemakers of vin nature - all wizards of a sort - practice on (and with) their grapes, as well as the gustative pleasure of paring their various unique personalities with different tastes and savors. You'll go home with 1 or 2 half-full bottles of wine...

If you'd like to extend our time together, you can add my "back-street" artisan food tour to your wine tasting.

Please contact me for further information and bookings.

private natural wine tasting

Tuesday thru Saturday
11am - 1pm and 4 - 6pm

— 200 euros for an individual
— 120 euros per person, for parties of up to 4

private natural wine tasting w/ food tour

Tuesday thru Friday
9am - 1pm and 2:30 - 6:30pm

— 260 euros for an individual
— 165 euros per person, for parties of up to 4

You'll take an early morning train from Paris to Blois or Angers. From there I'll whisk you off to the small-scale domaine of one of many great natural winemaker friends in the region for an intimate day with the winemaker him- or herself. When the sun tends toward the horizon, I'll settle you back into the train heading to Paris.

Take a look at a tour in images of what awaits you.

Please contact me for further information and bookings.

private day excursion : 7:30am - 7:30pm

the trip includes :
— a full day in the Loire Valley
— 2nd class round-trip train tickets to Blois (1 1/2-hour trip) or Angers (2-hour trip)
— pickup and dropoff at the train station
— lunch cooking class with fresh products from the region in the winemaker's home
— lunch with the winemaker, pairing our dishes with his natural wines
— conversation around natural wine : philosophy, history, farming and vinification methods, terroir, stories of the region
— a visit of the vineyards and cellar with the winemaker with a tasting of a wine or two still in the barrel, as well wine to buy


— 475 euros per person for a party of 2 or 3
— 350 euros per person for a party of up to 4


— 2- or 3-day trips can be arranged, visiting a different winemaker each day. A three-week advanced notice is required.