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V = vegan :: GF = gluten-free

pinzimonio :: spring and early autumn (GF)

Fried sage leaves
fried sage leaves :: mid spring - autumn (can be GF)

Marinated tofu-rhubarb chutney rolls
marinated tofu-rhubarb chutney rolls :: all year (V - GF)

green garlic bruschetta
cilantro & tomato bruschetta :: summer (V, can be GF)

summer farinata
farinata - tomatoes :: summer (V - GF)

focaccia (V, can be GF)

gazpacho :: summer (V - GF)

kabocha almond-milk soup
kabocha almond-milk soup :: autumn - winter (V - GF)

Fresh shell bean salad
fresh shell-bean salad :: summer - early autumn (V - GF)

Winter mache salad
winter mache salad :: late fall - winter (V - GF)

baked goat cheese salad
baked goat cheese salad :: spring - fall

Red cabbage salad
red cabbage salad :: spring and autumn (V - GF)

Honey-roasted fennel salad
honey-roasted fennel salad :: spring and autumn (GF - can be V)

beet - romanesco purées
beet - romanesco purées :: spring and autumn (V - GF)

Savoy cabbage rolls
savoy cabbage rolls :: spring and late fall (V - GF)

Stuffed artichokes
stuffed artichokes :: late spring - summer (can be V - GF)

Eggplant purée
eggplant purée-black olive tapenade :: mid summer - mid fall (V - GF)

wild fennel cake
wild fennel cakes :: late spring - summer (can be GF)

fogliata :: all year, with the changing of the greens (V)

winter root tart
turnip-rutabaga-parsnip tart :: autumn - spring (V - can be GF)

green tomato tart
green tomato tart :: early - mid autumn (V - can be GF)

spinach quiche
spinach quiche :: spring and autumn (can be GF)

arancini asparagus title=
asparagus arancini :: spring

ciceri e tria
ciceri e tria :: autumn - winter (V)

pasta inventiva
pasta inventiva :: fall - winter (can be V)

carrot top ravioli
carrot-top ravioli :: all year

risi e bisi
risi e bisi :: spring (GF - can be V)

Tarte tatin w/ bay leaf
tarte tatin w/ bay leaf :: october - march

castagnaccio (V - GF)

sicilian blancmange :: late winter - spring (V - GF)

Blancmange w/ roasted fig
croccante (almond brittle) :: (V - GF)

Lemon tart
lemon tart (can be GF)

Macarons w/ salted butter caramel
macarons-salted butter caramel :: (GF) — requires a separate class

Strawberry-thyme bruschetta
strawberry-thyme bruschetta :: may - august (V)

torta caprese
torta caprese (GF)

raspberry tart
raspberry tart :: spring thru summer (can be GF)

raspberry tart
zaleti (can be GF)

roasted radishes
roasted radishes :: spring and autumn (V - GF)

Melon-pepper-goat cheese pyramids
melon-goat cheese pyramid :: late spring - early summer (GF)

roasted beet pyramids
roasted beet-radish pyramid :: spring and autumn (V, GF)

Tofu-apsaragus brochette
tofu-brochette-tofu-asparagus :: mid-spring to early summer (V - GF)

summer farinata
spring farinata (V - GF)

Crackers à la maison w/ fresh goat cheese and marmalade
rice flour-poppy seed crackers w/ fresh goat cheese 'n marmalade (GF, can be V)

quick zucchini soup
quick zucchini soup :: summer (V - GF)

smoky carrot soup
smoky carrot soup :: all year (V - GF)

raw fennel-radish salad
raw fennel-radish salads :: spring and autumn (V - GF)

Roasted kabocha salad
roasted kabocha salad :: fall - winter (GF - can be vegan)

Orange-lemon salad
orange-lemon salad :: winter (V - GF)

Raw brussels sprout salad
raw brussels sprout salad :: winter (GF - can be V)

Windowsill pesto pasta
roasted beet salad :: spring and autumn

celery-black olive salad
celery-black olive salad :: spring and autumn (GF - can be V)

Swiss chard rolls
swiss chard rolls :: all year (V - GF)

green lentil salad w/ celery-leaf pesto
green lentil salad w/ celery-leaf pesto :: spring and autumn

peperonata :: late summer - early autumn (V - GF)

pizza di scarola
pizza di scarola :: fall - early winter (V)

erbazzone :: all year (can be V)

tomato tartelette
tomato tartelette (can be V and GR)

Stuffed ginormous zucchini
stuffed ginormous zucchini (cna be V and GF)

Lemon quinoa risotto
lemon quinoa risotto :: all year (GF - can be V)

gnocchi spring cabbage
gnocchi w/ spring pointed cabbage :: spring (V + can be GF)

farro spezzato
farro spezzato :: all year (V)

beet lasagna
beet lasagna :: spring and autumn

quique w/ cherry tomato confit
quique w/ cherry tomato confit :: summer - mid fall (V)

Watercress risotto
watercress risotto :: autumn - spring (GF - can be V)

sbrisolona (can be GF)

Torta di carota
torta di carota

Blancmange w/ fresh cherries and basil coulis
blancmange w/ fresh cherries and basil coulis :: late spring - early summer (V - GF)

panpepato (V, can be GF)

Lemon-blackberry risotto
lemon-blackberry risotto :: summer (GF - can be V)

Baci di dama
baci di dama (GF)

pear poached in red wine and spices
pear poached in red wine and spices :: late summer - autumn (V - GF)

pastiera :: at easter... also all year round

black forest cake
black forest cake (V)

eggless carrot cake
eggless carrot cake

photography copyright 2011